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VOLKSWAGEN CADDY Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

The Volkswagen Caddy is one of the most popular models for conversion into a Wheelchair accessible vehicle. It is a luxury passenger car that offer seat space up to five people with or without a wheelchair.

The converted Volkswagen Caddy has the following approvals:

RDW Tested according to European requirements and approved by the Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW)
Volkswagen Conversion with Volkswagen approval and with full factory warranty
EU European type-approved


Entrance height: 142 cm Interior height: 147 cm
Length of lowered floor: 150 cm Width of lowered floor: 81 cm


  • Lowered floor from rear up to front seats
  • 4-point wheelchair tie-down system with an adjustable 3-point seatbelt  for the wheelchair passenger
  • Modified fuel tank and exhaust system to accommodate a deep and level lowered floor
  • Ramp: Double folding lightweight ramp with clear-view design what allows to view through the back window
  • Lowered floor fully covered with matching upholstery
  • The center part or the rear bumper will be replaced on hatch, thus maintaining the original look
  • The original parking sensors remain functional after conversion


  • NIVO system to hydraulically lower the rear of the car (with lightweight short ramp)
  • Seat configuration: Restore of the original rear bench and seat or separate seats, both with space for three. Or mounting of one or two (removable) Tripod seats on the second row
  • Ramp: Foldable taxi ramp that creates a substantially flat loading floor
  • Rear door and driveway operated with wireless remote control
  • Easypull (winch and wheelchair locking system in 1, operated with wireless remote control)
  • Bodyguard (back and head protection for the wheelchair user)
  • The centre part of the rear bumper mounted on the back of the ramp instead of on the hatch
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