Since its establishment in 1980, Tripod Mobility has been an industry leader in adapting passenger cars for wheelchair users. Tripod is an innovator in the development, production and conversion of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV).

After 40 years, we still are a family-run company and have grown into a well-oiled team of 35 engineers and office staff. Located in the south of the Netherlands, we are a global market leader in four segments:

  • Car adaptation for passenger cars

  • Conversion to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

  • Production and export of WAV kits

  • Other products for wheelchair users

We continue to strive for high-quality products and great service. We offer a wide range of WAV kits for various  car models in a network of 73 dealers on five continents. We are always looking for new opportunities to help people on their way.



We provide high-quality products and great service to help people with disabilities regain their mobility worldwide.

Quality is essential to Tripod. We value the feedback from our partners, clients, engineers and the market. Such feedback has proven vital in building our reputation for high quality products.

Safety is a priority for us. When developing for a global market, its variety of rules and regulations can be a challenge. To create safe products, we closely cooperate with the Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW). We test our products at our own test facilities with full RDW certification.

Innovation is our path to the future. The safety of our clients has always been our priority, and that will never change. Electric Vehicles are a more recent step for us. We develop and improve adaptations for EVs, not only for our clients, but also for our planet.

Open Communication fits our family company. Through our network, we hear what end users want and need, and develop products accordingly. Our dealers are like an extended family that helps us improve worldwide mobility.

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