Since its establishment in 1980, Tripod Mobility has gained international recognition as an innovator in the field of mobility for wheelchair users and in general people with a physical disability. With agents on five continents, Tripod has developed many tailor-made solutions. The resulting list of type approvals and certificates from international inspection agencies and car manufacturers, which we are proud of.

Not a car dealer

Tripod Mobility’s focuses on adapting vehicles for wheelchair users, not selling cars. We leave this last one to the car dealers. This way the customer and the dealer can concentrate on choosing a “base car”, while we do the conversion work.

Dealer Network

To help customers find the personalized service that they often need, Tripod has set up a network of international agents. Our agents are located all around the world, from Australia to Belgium, to the Canary Islands, and they are all trained and certified by Tripod. Our agents are a select group, that can perform a Tripod conversion by Tripod standards. These are the same standards that many car manufacturers demand of us.

For more information on our dealer network, please visit this page or contact us.

Our history

Tripod Mobility was established in Nuenen in 1980 to introduce a number of new techniques for the transportation of wheelchair users. In those days, the adapted cars were often big and unhandy. Tripod Mobility, or earlier Tripod Aanpassingen B.V, reacted to the need for more compactly adapted cars for wheelchair users by developing adaptations for standard cars and vans. Since then, we have developed several innovations and have acquired international recognition in the world of vehicle adaptation for wheelchair users

how it started

Our team

Even though Tripod Mobility has grown to be an international market leader, in many ways it has remained the same small, ambitious family company. It is still our primary goal to make the lives of wheelchair users more easy by bringing to the market innovative car adaptations.

the team
our team
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