Tripod Mobility creates WAV kits to convert a number of car models into wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV’s). Our WAV kits are designed and fully developed by us in the Netherlands. From our home base they are exported to our dealers all over the world, who after being trained by us can assemble our kits locally where the final client is located.

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Our WAV kits are a ready-made solution to lower the floor of the vehicles to create more space in the interior, as well as to facilitate getting into the vehicle without having to leave the wheelchair thanks to a handy ramp.


During the development process of each Tripod Mobility WAV kit the wheelchair user is always on the top of our mind. We want that the wheelchair passenger to have the best position in relation to the fellow passengers and the windows. For as a wheelchair accessible vehicle should not only be functional but also comfortable.

Each model is extensively tested before being put on the market, and the test reports are available upon request.

The dimensions of the kit ready to be shipped are 120 x 80 x 81 cm and weight approx. 175 kg.


If you are interested in finding a dealer in your region please feel free to contact us. If you want to become a dealer please visit this page for more information.


All wheelchair accessible vehicles converted with a Tripod Mobility WAV kit fulfill the safety requirements and retain the full factory warranty of the car manufacturer. Please visit each car model for more specific information about approvals.


Tripod Mobility’s expertise is to convert vehicles, not selling cars. We leave that up to the car dealers. This way the end client can concentrate on choosing the most suitable car for his/her needs. This car will be then modified by us or one of our dealers.

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