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Our dealers are companies that offer conversion solutions to the end clients in their region. The end client can be a wheelchair user, government institutions, taxi companies, etc. The dealers have mostly an automobile mechanic background and are trained by us on how to assemble our kits. This way it is guaranteed that the conversion is done properly.

Tripod Mobility WAV kits

Our WAV kits are a ready-made solution to lower the floor of the vehicles to create more space in the interior, as well as to facilitate getting into the vehicle without the wheelchair user having to leave the wheelchair thanks to a handy ramp. We have kits available for several car models. Check here the complete list or visit the WAV kits page for more information.

How to become a dealer?

Modifying a vehicle with a low floor demands to have a keen eye for precision and working according to high levels of quality in order for the converted vehicle to fulfil all the safety requirements. When applying to become a dealer we take this into consideration as well as the region where the potential dealer is located.

If you are thinking on becoming our dealer just contact us to evaluate the possibilities together.

What can you expect from us?

For us building a relationship with our dealers is very important and we like investing time in each of them. Besides this we offer you more. You can expect the following from us:

  • We make sure that all the  WAV models we offer fulfil the safety requirements and retain the full factory warranty from the car manufacturer. Please visit each car model for more specific information about approvals
  • It is our duty to keep you informed about developments and to provide you with up to date manuals so you can do your work smoothly
  • In case you still might have questions or need extra information, our support department is ready to help you
  • We offer a training program for new dealers to get specialised in WAV conversions

Training program

After agreeing on working together the dealer has to follow a training on how to assemble our kits. The training is a initial investment from the dealer and takes place in our installations in the South of the Netherlands and last between three to four days.

If you are interested in finding, or becoming, a dealer for your country, please feel free to contact us.

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