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The four point webbing restraint system and occupant restraint is a simple yet effective method to secure wheelchairs during transport.


  • The two front straps are fitted with a tongue & buckle to facilitate operation
  • The two rear straps are fully adjustable and fitted with karabiner to easily secure a wheelchair
  • The occupant restraint comprises a split reel double inertia seat belt
  • The occupant restraint is designed with a reversible stalk that can rotate to fit either side of the vehicle and double inertia reel with grey and black webbing
  • The occupant restraint can either be a two or a three point system with the additional purchase of the upper anchorage strap when required

Unwin recommends the use of a three point occupant restraint system to provide greater protection in case of an impact.

However, we also recognise that some vehicle layout/designs or specific postural or medical conditions do not allow that style of seat belt to be used easily.

This system is not ISO 10542 compliant if used in two point configuration.

Unwin occupant restraints are designed to be used for passengers weighing 22kg and above. If the passenger weighs less than 22kg, it is recommended to use a child restraint system. This may involve a secondary seat belt restraint as recommended by the original seat manufacturer.

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