The Fiat Ulysse is ideal for families and luxury passenger transport . This model is available in different versions. We have adapted the M and XL versions wich are respectively 4.959m and 5.309m long.

FIAT ULYSSE: types of floor modifications

Click below on the drawing that suits your personal or professional needs to view more specifications.

Not only the seating positions vary, but also the dimensions of the lowered floor. The three different types of floor-modifications are named after our WAV kits: L2–SF (vehicle version 4.959m with short floor conversion), L2–LF (vehicle version 4.959m with long floor conversion) and L3–SF (vehicle version 5.309m with short floor conversion).

The conversions carried out on these Citroën models are part of Tripod Mobility’s line of premium WAV’s for families and professionals. Other wheelchair accessible vehicles in the premium line are the Peugeot Traveller & Expert Combi and the Opel Zafira Life & Vivaro Combi.


All Tripod Mobility vehicles equipped with a lowered floor have been tested according to European norm and fulfil to all safety requirements. Please visit each car model for more specific information about approvals.

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