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  • Differences between a Clearview ramp and a Taxi ramp
    • 01/03/2018
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    Differences between a Clearview ramp and a Taxi ramp

    Clearview ramp: The Clearview ramp consists of two parts. When the ramp is folded the view through the rear window is retained. If there is no wheelchair passenger the ramp will remain upright. The advantage of the Clearview ramp is that it is longer than the taxi ramp and therefore the angle of inclination of
  • Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
    • 27/02/2018
    • 4073

    Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

    The car industry and most governments agree; the future of the automobile industry is electric. EVs (electric vehicles) still have a few disadvantages, like long charge-time and limited range. However, electric and hybrid power units are gradually overcoming traditional combustion engines. The upsides are mostly environmental. Indirect emissions are significantly lower, while direct emissions are
  • Seat configuration for a wheelchair accessible vehicle
    • 08/02/2018
    • 9691

    Seat configuration for a wheelchair accessible vehicle

    There are several possibilities to transport passengers in a car that is adapted as a WAV. Below you will find the different options that we offer. If you would like to get more information about the possibilities in your own car, please contact us. We are happy to advise you. Mounting the original bench on
    • 02/11/2017
    • 4991

    Introducing a new Tripod Mobility wav kit

    The beginning of a new product line in the premium WAV segment for families and professionals. Features: A flat lowered floor that facilitates access to the second rowGenerous dimensions giving good all round visibilityMultiple seat arrangements for groups up to 7 personsLow ramp angle thus easy entry This kit can be assembled into this car models:
    • 27/10/2017
    • 8998

    NIVO system & automatic tailgate and ramp

    Both systems are designed to facilitate the in and out of the car with the wheelchair. They do not require physical strength from the wheelchair user or from a healthcare provider. AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC HATCH AND RAMP OPENER The NIVO system reduces the angle of the ramp by hydraulically lowering the rear of the vehicle.The ramp
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