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NIVO system & automatic tailgate and ramp

Both systems are designed to facilitate the in and out of the car with the wheelchair. They do not require physical strength from the wheelchair user or from a healthcare provider.


The NIVO system reduces the angle of the ramp by hydraulically lowering the rear of the vehicle.The ramp is also a lot shorter than the standard ramp.

Automatic tailgate and ramp with remote control

With this system the hatch and ramp can be operated electrically with a remote control. This system can be used if, for examply, you want to drive the car from your wheelchair and you are not able to open the hatch manually, or to relieve the caregiver or just for convenience. For safety it is always possible to operate both the ramp and the hatch manually.


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  • Joan Spence
    15/07/2023, 09:46 REPLY

    Hi, I have a PEUGEOT PARTNER car SF15 BOH which has been converted to A WAV car. The ramp is manual and because of my disabilities I can not lift anything heavy. Is there a chance this can be converted to remote controlled or taken out and your remote controlled ramp put in please.

  • John Pike
    20/07/2019, 15:49 REPLY

    Can you replace a (Horizon conversion) ramp for an electric operated ramp on a Peugeot Partner Tepee 2014?

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